Greater control in Program Mode

Greater control in Program Mode If you want to start controlling the aperture and shutter speed on your camera, but do not feel confident enough to shoot on Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority or even full Manual, your first step into the wonderful world of exposure...

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Photographing stars in the Karoo

    Photographing stars in the Karoo Looking for new and exciting places to photograph is an ongoing quest for me, so imagine my excitement when I heard about a farm in the Karoo, just 3 hours from Cape Town, that’s very popular for star gazing. And...

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How to get your camera off AUTO

    You bought your new camera with the intention to take better photograph, or maybe you had your camera for a while now, and you were going to learn how to use it properly, but still shoot on the Automatic Mode. Now, there is nothing wrong with taking...

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On a Recent Road Trip

    I often wondered about the different types of Grabouw boerewors… You get the “real” Grabouw boerewors made at a small butchery in a town called Grabouw, in the Overberg district, and then the Grabouw boerewors that you can buy at any of the major supermarkets...

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Photographing birds in flight

Photographing birds in flight is a technique not easily mastered. You need all your wits, have split second reactions and your fingers should know the buttons and dials on your camera like a grant pianist’s fingers knows the keys on a piano. Many a...

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A True Coffee Experience!

A True Coffee Experience! We recently visited Truth Coffee in Cape Town and honestly what an experience! It is a known fact that their coffee is absolutely divine but what grabbed my attention was the fine attention to detail in the steam punk decor, the whole look...

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Township Tourist

The Township Tourist The South African townships are beautiful, unique and definitely worth the visit!  The joy and positivity among the people are incredible and heart-warming. They have managed to make the best of their situations, living each day with a smile on...

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Gamidah’s Golden Cooking!

Meet Gamidah, she is one of the most amazing and positive people I have had the privilege to meet. Her joyful heart and constant smiles and laughter make you feel right at home but it is her home-cooked Cape Malay food that captures your taste buds and a special place...

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